How many pins should I post in one day?

While we recommend a safe limit of 25 to 50 pins a day if your account is new, you are still free to post more than that if you'd like.

Based on our own research we’ve found that our most successful members Pin around 15-50 Pins per day, so this is a good range to aim towards when starting. Pinning at levels significantly higher than that range (over 50) can be risky and also end up hurting the distribution of your content on Pinterest.

How to Install the Extension?
Find our Chrome Extension in Google Chrome's Web Store. Select the Add to Chrome button, and then select Add Extension in the authorization pop-up.

Does Autopinner need my Pinterest login information?
Autopinner will never ask for your Pinterest login information. We authenticate (or access) information about your account directly from Pinterest. This helps keep your account safe and secure, and ensures your account will never be edited or updated without your permission. 

Does Autopinner need my Instagram login information?
Autopinner will never ask for your Instagram login information. 

Does Autopinner require a Credit Card to get started?
You do not need to enter any credit card information to get up and running with Autopinner. You will only be prompted to enter payment information once you are ready to and have decided to upgrade to a Paid Plan.