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Automate, Streamline & Scale Your Pinterest Efforts: Forget the time-consuming manual tools that cost an arm and a leg. Autopinner will save you a ridiculous amount of time, effort, and ultimately money.
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Your Smart Pinterest Assistant
Stop guessing and start growing with the smart assistant that features a full suite of powerful automation tools to help you achieve explosive growth spending less time marketing on Pinterest.
Autopinner's Automation Features:
Bulk Pin Images
Upload & Pin multiple images to your boards with a very easy and time-saving workflow. You can bulk edit pin details ( Descriptions, Titles, Website links, and board's destination ) without having to edit each pin on its own.
Instagram Bulk Import
Find great images to Pin from any Instagram Profile or Hashtag, and immediately add to your Pinterest boards. Likewise, if you’re browsing Instagram and spot something that’d fit your boards, you can Pin again with a click of a button.
The best part is that you can import descriptions, titles, and even credits of the Instagram accounts from which the posts have been imported.
Bulk Edit the pins you aim to publish
When you click " Save all " or save any post(s) that you aim to publish, everything gets saved on draft in the " to be pinned " section. Where you can review and edit the pin details before anything goes live.
Automatically include credits to posts imported from Instagram
We respect the work of content creators. To that end, we've added a feature that allows you to automatically credit the accounts from which the posts have been imported.
Set a delay time between pins to avoid hurting the distribution of your Pins
Pinning too much at the same time may trigger Pinterest Network’s spam detectors and might even hurt the distribution of your pins. To avoid this, you have the option to set a random delay between pins.
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Easy & Quick Setup
You'll get it up & running in less than 1 minute!
No fancy setup process. Just download our FREE Chrome extension and you can start pinning right away.
Everything runs on the cloud
Everything you add or edit stays saved on drafts. (Even if your PC turns off AutoPinner has your back.)
Seamless Design & effortless workflow
With its seamless design and ultimate time-saving workflow, Autopinner will help you reach your marketing goals.
FREE to try
We're confident that you'll absolutely love our tool and its results that we want you to try it for free and discover its powerful features for yourself.
Join +10K happy customers who have added over 34 million pins using Autopinner.
Roger L. Cornwell
Autopinner has been an invaluable tool to grow my Pinterest accounts. I have 5 large boards on the topics of digital marketing and small business. With over 5000+ pins, it would take an unfathomable amount of time to add so many pins manually. Autopinner allows me to add hundreds of pins a day, in just a few minutes. If you are putting off adding more pins manually to your account, don't wait any longer. Try Autopinner now,
Steven P.
I have been using Autopinner for almost a year now and I can honestly say that it has been a huge time saver for me. It saves me so much time adding pins to Pinterest. I have over 500 boards and 80,000+ pins on Pinterest. And it would take me forever to add all of them manually. Autopinner is the only automated pinning service that I have used that actually works! And it's free to use.
Molly J.
This is the simplest and most efficient pinterest automation tool I have ever used! It has made my life so much easier, and I was able to grow my followers from 200 to 3500.
The time saved alone makes this a must have tool.
Valerie K.
We all know how important Pinterest is for anyone in the blogging, e-commerce or affiliate marketing game. I've tried every Pinterest automation tool, and I always come back to Autopinner because it's easy to use, free, and has advanced features.
Melisa G.
Autopinner is truly a lifesaver. It has a very clean, intuitive interface. I doubled my traffic from Pinterest in less than a month.
Ethan D.
We pin over 200 pins a day on our Pinterest accounts. Using Autopinner, I'm able to pin in less than 10 minutes what would take me hours.
Noah Ha.
AutoPinner has been a game changer for us. The amount of time you can save using this tool is ridiculous. What amazes me the most is that you can import posts from Instagram and automatically credit accounts in your pin descriptions.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How many pins should I post in one day?
While we recommend a safe limit of 25 to 50 pins a day if your account is new, you are still free to post more than that if you'd like.
Based on our own research we’ve found that our most successful members Pin around 15-50 Pins per day, so this is a good range to aim towards when starting. Pinning at levels significantly higher than that range (over 50) can be risky and also end up hurting the distribution of your content on Pinterest.
How to Install the Extension?
Find our Chrome Extension in Google Chrome's Web Store. Select the Add to Chrome button, and then select Add Extension in the authorization pop-up.
Does Autopinner need my Pinterest login information?
Autopinner will never ask for your Pinterest login information. We authenticate (or access) information about your account directly from Pinterest. This helps keep your account safe and secure, and ensures your account will never be edited or updated without your permission.
Does Autopinner need my Instagram login information?
Autopinner will never ask for your Instagram login information.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription anytime by heading over to « Account », then hit the cancel button.
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