Pinterest Marketing Great Tips :

Pinterest wants to connect its users to people who inspire them. To do so, your Pin design and description should be encouraging and empowering your followers to create positive feedback loops.

If you’re not currently using Pinterest personally, try it! Choose one topic that really excites you and start saving that content to a Board. As you do so, notice what you choose to Pin and save, what type of content attracts more your attention, and what makes you click to visit a website.

Tracking performance to see what works

Go to Pinterest Analytics Overview. Filter for organic Pins and look at which Pins are getting the most traffic for “all Pins”.

You’ll see some of your posts in these top spots, and you’ll also see content you shared from other people that is generating clicks. These are priceless insights into what people are clicking on Pinterest - exactly what you need to know in order to increase your traffic!

Look at all the Pins you’ve saved that get the most clicks. Is there a topic that you haven’t covered that appears over an over? Or maybe a different angle on a topic? What about the designs of the most-clicked Pins? Can you try some of the colors and text on those?…

Over time, you’ll learn more about the kinds of images your followers respond to.

Set Up Your Pinterest Boards for Success

Help Pinterest get your content into relevant searches by being clear with the context you provide ( AKA Pinterest Board names, titles and descriptions )

Take Advantage of Keywords on Pinterest

Since Pinterest is a visual search and discovery engine, the words you use can be as powerful as the images you share. Pinterest does read the text on your image in determining how to distribute your Pin in search, related Pins, and feeds.

They’re looking for keywords on: Board Names Board Descriptions Pin Descriptions Meta data on the linked content (title, description and content on your pages) This does NOT mean that your Pin description should be a list of keywords. Write a couple of sentences enticing people to visit for more information, but include keywords naturally, putting them (as well as your most compelling copy) near the beginning of the description. Including your brand name can help increase email signups and brand awareness

Use a vertical format (2:3 ratio - 1,000 x 1,500px or equivalent)

Be Consistent

Pinterest rewards content creators who are active and consistent in sharing great, relevant content. Saving content to Pinterest daily, rather than a once-a-week, will provide the best opportunity for content distribution.

We understand how hard it is to create new content. Regularly creating new blog posts, products, and pages with great images may be the best way to grow your account on Pinterest, but your time is valuable! And every minute spent doing these daily tasks is a minute you’re not developing your next new product or blog post, serving your customers, or enjoying some downtime at home.

Using AutoPinner will save you a tremendous amount of time and help you grow your accounts far beyond what can be done manually.

When you save a Pin from Pinterest, take a moment to click through and make sure the Pin goes where you think it will.

Successful Pinterest Accounts Claim Their Sites!

When you claim your website, you let Pinterest know you are the source of everything saved from your site. You’ll have access to powerful analytics, your content will feature prominently in your profile on the “Created” tab, and everything anyone ever saves from your site will feature YOU as the creator – with a big “follow” button next to your image and profile name. If you don’t claim your site, the person saving a Pin that links to your site gets that follow button instead. Not cool.

What to avoid:

If you’re serious about taking your Pinterest profile(s) to the next level and have always dreamed of building an empire online around your business, take the plunge today by trying out AutoPinner for FREE. You will be surprised by how easy growing your Pinterest account can be.

Happy pinning!