We began using Pinterest in early 2013 as a solution for our own marketing purposes while building softwares designed for digital marketers and E-com businesses.
The question behind Autopinner was how to make marketing on Pinterest more efficient while spending less time on it.
As we dug in deeper, we saw a huge opportunity rising, and It became clear that there were many other users with similar needs. So, we decided to pivot, focusing on building the best Pinterest marketing tool for everyone.

Since then, our users have led us in new and exciting directions.

In this day and age, marketing is no longer just an isolated activity pursued by those in advertising and PR agencies. Content has become the primary driver for marketing, and Pinterest is where content resides. Unfortunately, marketers are now flooded with tasks and tools that distract them from their primary objective – driving traffic and leads through social media.
That's why we created Autop – an easy-to-use Pinterest marketing automation tool that allows marketers to easily manage their pins without all the hassle of setting up each pin separately, curating photos, copywriting text, extracting analytics data - you name it. We make your life easier by doing all the pinning work for you.
Today, over 5000 brands and 200 agencies trust Autopinner, and we’re excited to see how our tools can transform your business.
This is just the beginning. Thank you for making it all possible!